Malayalam/Feature/82 minutes


Bhanu is a 70 year old lady living alone in the ancestral house left behind by her husband who passed away 25 years back. Trees in her surroundings and the pet mother goat and its lamp are her friends. Apart from Nani, another elderly lady living nearby, Bhanu hardly has any visitors. She has two sons, Radhakrishnan and Jayakrishnan. Jayakrishnan left the house soon after his father died. Radhakrishnan left home soon after his marriage to a lady from the city.

        Now Bhanu carries herself with anxiety, loneliness and fears into her old age. Her hallucinations of a lady deserted in a street, and DEATH make her worry about her own existence.

        While so, Bhanu’s 70th birthday comes. She is expecting her sons and their children to join her on the auspicious day.  She prepares everything in the previous night itself and waiting eagerly for the grandchildren to come. Kuttan, the youngest child is the favourite among all for Bhanu. After a long wait Jayakrishnan and Radhakrishnan come. Their wives or grandchildren didn’t come. She is disgusted and under grief. She feels that some disaster is impending. She sees Death in the form of a dwarf folk artist in her hallucination.

Slowly the intentions of the sons is revealed. They want to sell the ancestral house where Bhanu lives now. Radhakrishnan asks Bhanu to go to an Old Age Home. In this context, Bhanu tells her sons that she intends another marriage. Radhakrishnan is shocked to hear this and conspires with Jayakrishnan to kill Bhanu. Bhanu overhears this. She asks her sons to leave her place.

     Instead leaving the place they decide to celebrate the 70th birthday of Bhanu. Their wives and children come. They prepare a grand feast. While so, the mother goat, the pet of Bhanu dies eating some poisonous seed.

      Feast is served to all. But a shadow of treachery and suspicion overshadows the gathering and nobody is eating. Finally Bhanu begins to eat and other family members also begin to eat. Then the  dwarf folk artist whom Bhanu hallucinates as Death begins to dance.



Language: Malayalam

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 82 minutes

format: 2K

Aspect Ratio: 1:2.35

Sound: Dolby surround 5.1

Subtitled in English


I received the inspiration for the subject of this film from my mother, who decided to stay back at our old home once I and my elder brother decided to move out pursuing our jobs. We could not stay back under given the circumstances, and my mother was very adamant that she wanted to stay back in the ancestral house. I wanted to see from her perspective what made her to stay back.  I am sure there are many mothers who took similar decisions. I wanted to appraise the situation of the old who might be facing the same dilemma at fag end of their lives. For me it is like putting a mirror to their agony.

Director statement