Bhanu (Seema Biswas) has a space of her own, created in loneliness. Her world turns upside down when new challenges come in her life on her 70th birthday. IDAM (ABODE) takes us to conflicts faced by an elderly woman, tossed between love, selflessness and will.

IDAM (ABODE) is the first feature film by JAYA JOSE RAJ where he is the script writer, director and producer. He is an alumnus of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, in screenplay writing. Active in visual media for the last 22 years, he has scripted and directed around 30 documentaries, short films and docu-fiction serials. Several of which have won awards and critical acclaim.

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We make films, dramas, documentaries and short films that will make a change in the society. Making visual content that appeal to the globe. Subjects vary from human rights to environment, old age to differently abled, touching one’s heart with camera.


Our documentaries dealt with the issues of human rights violations, lonely fights for the rights of marginalised communities, unheard stories of struggle for environment protection, unique stories of arts and cultural practice and scientific documentaries to resist practices of superstitions.

Feature Films

We make feature films on stories that appeal and address human beings and their predicament sans borders. Our films are efforts to understand the journey of life and its philosophy. We choose stories from our surroundings that cater to an international discerning audience.

Script Doctoring

We do an in-depth screenplay analysis and provide helpful script notes, will even give line-by-line notes on each page, highlighting examples of concerns and suggestions. We do evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the script Ensuring the script is ready to pitch.


One can look into the world by looking at himself.We make advertisement films making oneself better in the world with the products our clients can offer


We deeply understand that every project has a unique set of objectives,with our exprierienced camera crews We can assure highest standards as quality results with passion and dedications

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